Special Access

INTDESTCOIN allows users and artists to take advantage of special features on the platform. Artists can use INTDESTCOIN to grow their fan base and improve their communication with their fans.

They can also utilize content distribution tools by staking INTDESTCOIN to distribute their art INTD to their fans.Fans who have an artist INTD can use it to enjoy the artist's content, such as listening to new songs and participating in mix contests.

Users with a certain amount of INTDESTCOIN in their wallet can be placed in a special position and get more benefits than others. The more INTD users have, the higher their position will be within the exclusive group.

A profile badge is given to users when they reach the minimum number of Coin for a dedicated slot.

Community decisions may affect the requirements and benefits of each dedicated slot.

One of the most significant differences between MUZINT and other music streaming platforms like Spotify is that MUZINT uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized environment.

Content owners can have more control over the songs that they publish.

90% of the platform's revenue goes directly to artists. The traditional music industry only gives artists 12% of the money from song sales.

With this account, MUZINT allows artists to earn much more than they would with a standard account.

The MUZINT platform lets INTD holders, who are artists and fans, have a say in how the network is run. One vote in protocol governance is guaranteed by each INTD. Audio owners can vote on changes to the platform. This possibility is not available in other music streaming services that are centralized.

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