🔹2023 Goals and vision

Preparation - 100%

  • Starting a plan and idea

  • preparing a proposal and roadmap

  • provided for the provision of the initial decentralized budget

  • measuring the scope of the project analysis

  • investigation of the target community

  • and investigation of problem-solving.

Team coordination - 98%

  • The announcement of the call for the recruitment of experts for the project team

  • the interview and the obtaining of documents

  • the examination of candidates

  • the review of resumes and the recruitment to complete the staff of the project team.

Start the project 100%

  • A complete review of the start checklist

  • social networks

  • coordination with the advertising team

  • review of airdrop

  • launch pad and initial release

  • determining the start time of the project

  • Preparing the project community

First phase 100%

  • Complete airdrop and ICO

  • Attract more than 150,000 active users to the community

  • Introducing the project to the people of the world

  • Running a successful bounty hunter campaign

  • Conversation with centralized exchanges

  • Implementation of coin locking program

Second phase - 100%

  • Fundraising before listing

  • Attract more than 500,000 active users to the community

  • Liquidity supply

  • The first stage of token burning

  • Implementation of the new INTDESTCOIN campaign

  • Holding a live stream of the project

  • Keeping social networks active

  • Fundraising before listing

Third phase - 91%

  • Bringing project bridges online

  • Completion of private sales phases of the project

  • The beginning of X network test Net

  • Preparing to enter Launchpad

  • The beginning of the listing process in major digital currency exchanges

  • Keeping social networks active

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