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Music artists have always faced challenges such as low-income and low transparency, and have had the least authority in distributing and selling their content, because of the emergence of centralized music streaming platforms.

Blockchain can help artists be more transparent and get a fair share of their arts value. The MUZINT platform uses the technology of the blockchain to help artists.

MUZINT intends to overcome these challenges by empowering music owners and helping them monetize their works.

Unlike other music streaming platforms, on MUZINT, artists earnings are not determined by the number of times their music is played.

MUZINT gives artists ownership of their music and lets them choose how to make money with it.

In this platform, 90% of the revenue is given to the owners of the works in the form of INTD.

The other 10% is given to the node operators (contributors) who help keep the network running.

MUZINT aims to address the challenges faced by artists in the music industry, including issues related to copyright.

MUZINT does not pay artists based on how many times their music is played, like other music streaming platforms do. Instead, they also consider how popular the artist is and how they interact with fans.

Artists can submit their music to the MUZINT platform through decentralized nodes. There are several ways to make money with audio content on MUZINT without giving up ownership.

MUZINT solution is that anyone can use this platform to share and make money from their music.

MUZINT removes the middleman between artists and their audience, allowing them to interact directly on this platform.

Artists whose works are in the top 5 audio files of the week, the top 5 playlists of the week or the top 10 programs of the month will get INTDESTCOIN as a gift.

In addition, they will receive INTDESTCOIN as a reward for their first upload after verifying their social network account.

The MUZINT platform also allows artists to interact with their audience through artist INTD.

Artist INTD give their holders special access to exclusive content, such as unreleased works and mix contests.

MUZINT sometimes awards INTDESTCOIN based on the amount of social connections artists have with their fans and the number of times their music is airdropped. MUZINT needs to keep working, and to achieve that, it needs a secure network, a way to solve disputes or make changes, and a way to grant access to special features that its coin, INTD, is important for.

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