Security & Governance


MUZINT network security is provided by decentralized nodes. Anyone can become a part of the MUZINT network by providing and protecting the INTDESTCOIN. The more INTD a user stakes, the more likely it is that other users will choose their node to use. Contributors are rewarded with INTDESTCOIN from new coin issuance and fee pools. This is done to encourage them to continue contributing to the operation of the protocol. Content and discovery, are the types of nodes in the platform. Content nodes host, secure, and manage content for artists.

Artists can host their content, but this option is not mandatory. The Exploration nodes, list side data and music files that can be found on the MUZINT content ledger. Fans can use this to search for artists and songs. Nodes send the list of artists works to the blockchain constantly. This creates a permanent record of the contents date.


The INTDESTCOIN also plays a role in governing the audio network. As we previously said, stakeholders can participate in network operations as content nodes or exploration nodes.

Users can vote on plans to improve the network by continually adding value to the network. It is, of course, not necessary for shareholders to be Nods of executives to obtain voting rights. The community is encouraged to share their ideas about the protocol.

Each INTDESTCOIN has one vote. The intention of rewarding artists, fans, and moderators with INTDESTCOIN is to encourage them to enjoy a decentralized music streaming experience.

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