Introduction to Area3

Welcome to Area3, the foundational infrastructure of the INTD.One platform, where the architectural backbone of our decentralized ecosystem is meticulously laid out. Area3 is conceptualized as the bedrock upon which the diverse and dynamic services of INTD.One are built and operate. It encompasses the critical components necessary for a secure, efficient, and user-centric blockchain environment, providing the tools and frameworks essential for the seamless interaction of users, developers, and digital assets within our ecosystem.

At the heart of Area3 is a commitment to decentralization and financial empowerment, manifested through a suite of platforms designed to facilitate secure transactions, asset exchanges, application development, and community governance. This section is tailored to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of users, from cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors to developers and content creators, all while maintaining a steadfast focus on security, transparency, and user autonomy.

Key components of Area3 include:

One DaAp

The decentralized application hub of INTD.One, offering users access to a wide array of services and functionalities within the ecosystem. This platform is the gateway to the diverse applications and solutions developed on the INTD.One framework, exemplifying the versatility and innovation at the core of our project.

One Wallet

Our DeFi wallet solution, providing users with a secure and intuitive interface for managing their digital assets. One Wallet is designed to integrate seamlessly with the services within INTD.One, ensuring that transactions are not only safe but also effortlessly conducted within the ecosystem.

One Swap

A decentralized exchange platform that epitomizes the ease of asset swaps in a trustless environment. One Swap is crafted to support a wide range of tokens, facilitating liquidity and enabling users to exchange assets with confidence and minimal friction.


The gateway to the International Galaxy Federation NFT MarketPlace, where digital art and assets converge in a vibrant marketplace. One NFT is dedicated to fostering the growth of the digital art community, providing artists, collectors, and traders with a secure and decentralized platform for showcasing and transacting unique digital assets.

One Price

This platform serves as a real-time financial dashboard, offering users insights into the latest price movements and trends in the digital currency space. One Price is an essential tool for informed decision-making, enabling users to stay ahead in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

One Vote

A decentralized voting platform that embodies our commitment to community-driven governance. One Vote allows token holders to participate in key decision-making processes, ensuring that the development and evolution of the INTD.One ecosystem are guided by the collective voice of its community.

One Sale

A decentralized system for the distribution and sale of INTD tokens, providing a transparent and equitable mechanism for participating in the INTD.One ecosystem. One Sale is designed to facilitate the initial distribution and ongoing liquidity of INTD tokens, ensuring broad access and participation.

Area3 is not just the structural foundation of INTD.One; it's a testament to the power of decentralized technologies to create a more inclusive, secure, and empowered digital world. Through this integrated suite of platforms, we are laying the groundwork for a future where financial and creative autonomy is not just a vision, but a reality for all users within the INTD.One ecosystem.

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