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What is a XNetwork

XCHAIN Presentation
XCHAIN is a revolutionary blockchain technology designed to offer limitless performance, fast speeds, and seamless connectivity. Developed by a passionate group of programmers, the X smart chain employs advanced distributed ledger technology that can adapt to other blockchains, with a focus on high processing speed, low energy consumption, and reduced network fees. XCHAIN consists of 8 layers, each with specific responsibilities, and supports both Sidechain and Rollup technologies.
The INTD team behind XCHAIN aims to bring its benefits to daily life through applications in payments, lending platforms, games, decentralized exchanges, and non-fungible tokens. Products extending from XCHAIN include INTDPAY, an innovative payment solution that optimizes cash flow between users, and INTD DEX, a fast and affordable decentralized exchange powered by XCHAIN. The platform is open to developers and aims to expand the market through its initial decentralized asset transaction application, INTDPAY, before enhancing and complementing upper-layer blockchain applications. With an average performance of 84,000 transactions per second, XCHAIN aims to become the leader in the industry while focusing on international markets in blockchain technology and financial trading. The project's goal is to achieve self-sustainability and increase its intrinsic value through wider adoption and usage in crypto transactions.