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ِDecentralized Music Sharing Platform
Muzint is an innovative platform that leverages blockchain technology to empower artists in the music industry, offering them a decentralized way to own, publish, and monetize their work. By addressing challenges faced by artists, such as copyright issues, Muzint aims to revolutionize the music landscape and create a more equitable environment for creators. The platform stands out from traditional music streaming services by giving artists full control over their content and providing a unique reward system for top performers.
MِUZINT : Decentralized Music Sharing Platform
Users can also benefit from participating in the Muzint network, as they can earn intdestcoin through staking and contributing to the platform's growth. Intdestcoin plays a crucial role in the Muzint ecosystem, serving not only as a reward for artists and users but also as a means for stakeholders to participate in the platform's governance. By distributing intdestcoin to artists, fans, and moderators, Muzint encourages a decentralized and community-driven approach to music streaming. This model ensures that artists receive a larger share of the platform's revenue—90%, compared to the mere 12% they receive in the traditional music industry. Consequently, Muzint creates a more equitable and transparent environment for artists and users alike, fostering a new era of creative freedom and collaboration within the music industry.