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Intdest Tech

Artificial intelligence platform for converting text to audio and vice versa
INTDEST.TECH presents an AI-powered Text to Speech Converter that revolutionizes the way we interact with and consume content. Our cutting-edge solution is the result of strategic collaborations with industry giants, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM as a business partner. With our advanced converter, you can effortlessly create lifelike voices for any text in mere seconds by tapping into a diverse library of over 840 realistic voices spanning 135 languages and dialects. This extensive range of voices allows you to cater to diverse audiences and create engaging, accessible content for users worldwide.
Intdest Tech
Our Text to Speech Converter boasts a suite of sophisticated features designed to enhance the listening experience. Utilize voice inflections to fine-tune rate, pitch, emphasis, and pauses for a more suitable voice tone. Employ speech styles that convey emotion, making the voices sound more natural and engaging. Define custom pronunciations for specific words and reuse them when synthesizing speech. Create conversational voiceovers by employing the multi-voice feature, which allows for different voices within the same audio file. Preview mode enables you to listen and preview a single paragraph or full text before converting it to speech. Our solution is powered by leading cloud AI technologies from Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft, ensuring accurate and realistic text-to-speech conversion in MP3 and WAV audio formats.
INTDEST Ai - Text to Speech
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